长安大学2020学年国际学生入学Q & A




第一部分 常见问题

Part 1 General Questions


How do I apply for CSC scholarship?


All details and procedures for applying for CSC scholarship are as the following link:

国别奖 Bilateral Program


自主招 University Program



Please read the notice carefully, and feel free to email us if you have something unclear.



After submitting the application online, when should I pay the application fee?


When you get passed in the preliminary review, the item of application status in system will get a PAY button. Usually, it takes 2-3 days to go in the preliminary review, and then you just pay it as required.



Can I pay it by scanning the Alipay QR-code abroad?


No, due to some reasons, it doesn’t work by that way now.



Do the CSC Scholarship applicants need to pay the application fee of 600 CNY?


Yes. The applicants who apply for CSC Scholarship need to complete the application on both CSC website and CAU online application system. We require 600 CNY for completion of the application and it is non-refundable.


Q5: 是否需要提交纸质版的申请材料?

Is there any need of sending hard copy of all documents?


No. Our school is fully implemented online application from 2020. Applicants only need to fill in and submit application materials that meet our requirements in our school’s application platform.



When is the deadline for application?





April 15, 2020 for CSC Scholarship application

June 15, 2020 for CAU Scholarship application

June 30, 2020 for self-funded and non-degree application



Where can I find the majors CAU provides for international students?


Please go to the portal of CAU International Education School http://www.ies.chd.edu.cn/en/main.htm, in ADMISSIONS part you can find the major list of all programs. In addition, please find CSC available majors in the Q1 links.



I am doing my current study and will be graduating around June 2020. Can I apply by using the pre-graduation certification?


Yes. If the applicant is a student in school, attendance certificate must be submitted. If you are accepted, you will need to submit an official diploma when you register in September.



My previous curriculum was in English medium and I have the English certificate from my university/school. Can I use it instead of IELTS or TOFEL result?

A如果你来自母语或官方语言是英语的国家,你不需要提供语言成绩就可以申请英文授课。对于非英语国家学生,我校不接受学校开具的英语水平证明,学生必须提供有效的符合入学要求的雅思,托福,GREPTE学术考试,剑桥国际A LEVEL英语课程成绩。若申请人为合作高校或组织推荐学生,或者由于疫情无法申请语言考试,请通过邮箱联系我们,经过招生办公室认定,可最晚在秋季学期报到时提供语言成绩。

If English is the first language or official language in your country, then you can study in English medium without any certificate. For students from non-English-speaking countries, we do not accept the English certificate notarised by university/school. Applicants must provide the valid and eligible result of IELTS, TOFEL, GRE, PTE or Cambridge international Advanced level (English subject). If applicants who are recommended by the cooperative universities/organisations or unable to apply for the language test due to the epidemic outbreak, please contact us by email. After the confirmation of the Admissions Office, the language certificate can be provided no later than the registration time for the autumn semester.


Q10 我今年未满18岁,可以申请吗?

I am under 18 by now, can I apply?


Yes. For those who are under 18, it needs extra documents of custody, including the ID information of parents, his/her own, and trustee in China, and a letter of authorization from parents, and a receiving letter from the trustee. All documents above should be notarized.



What are the requirements for a non-criminal record?


Students should ensure that it still has a two-month period of validity when submitting the non-criminal record (It’s generally valid for 6 months only). In addition, it must be stamped by local police station or embassy. Chinese version of the non-criminal record is also needed.



Do I still need to provide non- criminal record and medical report while I’m studying in China?


No. However, please provide a residence permit page during the validity period, and certificate of school performance (including attendance, school performance, and teacher contact information).



第二部分 疫情相关

Part 2 Epidemic issue

Q1: 2020年招生报名会因为疫情推迟进行吗?

Will the 2020 admission programs be delayed because of COVID-19?


No, all the 2020 admission programs are proceeding normally.



What if I cannot register in September because of COVID-19 on time?


We will announce the way of registration according to the administration policies. Please follow up when we announce new notice.



第三部分 学历生入学相关

Part 3 The Enrollment of Degree Students


Can I apply for the undergraduate study in English medium by CSC Programs?


No, bechalor applicants under CSC programs have to study in Chinese medium.



Is the Acceptance Letter from one of the professors of CAU mandatory for application?


The acceptance letter is one of the mandatory documents for Master program applications.



Is the recommendation letter mandatory for application?


Yes. Two letters of recommendation by Professors or associate Professors are the mandatory documents for Master and Doctorate programs applications. The documents need to be in Chinese or English.



第四部分 非学历生入学相关

Part 4 The Enrollment of Non-degree Students


I want to learn Chinese. What programs can I apply for?


We offer flexible language training over few months or 1 year, including offline classroom teaching and online courses. In addition, we also have short-term cultural experience programs for 1-4 weeks, and 10 people can start classes. There are no restrictions on the number of online courses, and you can start learning at any time. You can use a computer or mobile phone to study the course. Those who have completed the course and passed the exam can apply for the certificate of each level of the online course.



I have learned some Chinese, and I want to improve it, so how can I apply?


We don’t enroll those who have got studied language course for 1 year in China and continue to study language course in CAU. For those who studied Chinese language in their own countries before, please just apply according to the procedures as normal. After registration, CAU Chinese Language Centre will conduct a test and divide classes according to your actual Chinese proficiency.



Can I get a scholarship to study Chinese language?


For the Chinese language program, students can apply for Language Program Scholarship that includes a total of 10000 CNY stipends, which requires the learning period is up to one academic year.




In this epidemic moment,


Wish you and your family all well-being


Look forward to seeing you soon at CAU, China!



Admissions office, International Education School, CAU.

Email: apply@chd.edu.cn