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Notice on Winter Holiday and Registration of 2016 Spring Semester
Release date :2016/01/05    author:Anon   views:399
To all students:
We hereby inform you the winter holiday timetable and registration time for 2016 spring semester as follows:
From January 16 to February 26, 2016 is our winter holiday. 2016 Spring Semester for the degree students will start on February 29(Monday), 2016. Please return to school on time and find your advisor or supervisor to get registration at the International Students Affairs Office on February 25 (Thursday) to February 29(Monday).
1. Please register and sign your name by your own.
2. Please ask for leave by Email or other written form to your supervisor and advisor before February 29 of 2016 if you can’t return on time. And only when you get the permission from your supervisor and advisor then your leave is officially approved.
3. All degree students who don’t ask for leave and fail to register on time (Feb.29-Mar.13) will be given considering drop out from school. Besides, for scholarship students, your scholarship will be suspended immediately.
4. The requirements on Winter Holiday:
      ☞ Students who are going to go out must register with your monitor.
Pay attention to the safe use of electricity. Please inform duty room if any accident occurs.
      ☞ Take care of all your belongings inside or outside of the campus.
      ☞ It is with the valid identity document (passport, work permit or ID card, etc.) that the friends can visit the International Students’ apartment.
      ☞ Accommodate a guest for the night is not permitted, once discovered, students should bear total responsibility and will receive relevant disciplinary action.
      ☞ Remember the following phone numbers: Ambulance 120, Police 110, Fire 119.
      ☞ Summer Holiday duty phone numbers: 82337373  82334273  82334165  82334158   83135056
Wish you all a safe and happy holiday!
International Education School
January 5, 2016
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