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Notice on New Semester Registration
Release date :2016/08/30    author:Anon   views:707
Dear all International Students:
The new semester is about to begin, we are looking forward to meet you in the near future. Procedures of new semester registration is notified as follows:
1.Registration Time:
August 29th, 30th, 31st, September 1st, 2nd,
9:00-11:30 AM; 15:00-17:00 PM
2.Registration place:
Benbu Campus: No. 102 office (for Benbu,Yanta ,Xiaozhai Campus students)
Weishui Campus: No. 12 Building office (for Weishui Campus students)
3.Please come with your student certificate and passport. Registration procedures: sign your name, stamp the student certificate, check validity date of passport/visa/residence permit, update mobile phone number, e-mail and other personal information (if there is any change);
4.School begins after the registration. We will publish the university timetable as soon as possible.
                                                                       International Education School
1.Please pay attention to your safety on the way back. Should there be any accident, please ask for help from us, the police and your family immediately;
2.The registration will be used as the basis for living allowance delivery for scholarship students;
3.Registration on behalf of others is strictly prohibited and students who violated this regulation will be punished.
4.For students who cannot return to CAU on time, please inform us by email (、 Phone calls, text messages or oral messages by other students are rejected.
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