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Chang'an University Excellent International Student Scholarship Notification
Release date :2016/11/16    author:Anon   views:953
.Who can apply?
All the full-time foreign undergraduate students, graduate students who are not in the first grade, can apply this scholarship.
. How much is the scholarship?
First-class scholarship:     RMB 10000 per person per year;
Second-class scholarship:   RMB 5000 per person per year.
Third-class scholarship:    RMB 2000 per person per year.
Other awards: Sports Star; Talent Award; Future Leader; Study Star; Outstanding Volunteer, etc.
For those foreign students who have already received or are receiving China Government or other kinds of scholarship of China, they will only get the certificate of “the excellent foreign students of Chang’an University” with no money if they apply this scholarship successfully.
. What are the basic requirements?
1. The full-time foreign undergraduate students, graduate students who are not in the first grade;
2. Those who are friendly to China, abide by Chinese laws and regulations, rules and regulations of the school, have good habits and civilized behavior, respect for Chinese culture;
3. Those who work hard, get excellent academic achievements, and pass all the examinations of the school year;
4. Those who take an active part in all kinds of recreational and sports activities and in social public welfare activities; who love the collectives and care for others;
5. Those who are honest, and have no illegal, undisciplined record.
. What application materials should be submitted?
1. Application Form for CAU Excellent International Student in 2016;2016年长安大学优秀留学生评选申请表(中英文).rar
2. The school transcript of 2014-2015 school year;
3. All kinds of award certificates, honorary certificates;
. How to submit the application?
All the application materials should be submitted to Class Advisers before November 24th 2016; otherwise it will no longer be accepted.
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