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Focusing on engineering, Chang’an University has a balanced combination of science, engineering and corresponding development of humanities. It has complete disciplines. Covering six subjects such as the philosophy, law, science, economics, engineering and management, it owns the advantageous subjects including road and railroad engineering, geology engineering, the machine designs and theories, transportations planning and management, transportation tool application engineering etc. At present, the university has 15 institutes and one teaching department (the athletics department), 2 mobile stations for postdoctoral research programs, 2 first-class discipline postdoctoral degree conferring posts, 22 second-class discipline postdoctoral degree conferring posts, 50 doctoral degree conferring posts and 75 undergraduate majors or specialties. All the majors can accept foreign students, at the same time, the school provides various classes of Chinese language training and advanced study courses for the overseas students with different levels. 


Basic List: Undergraduate     : Master     #: PhD

Undergraduate, Postgraduate and PhD Programs

1. Highway School

Road, Bridge and River-crossing Engineering #

Engineering ManagementHighway Engineering Management #

Transportation/Traffic Engineering #


2. School of Automobile

Vehicle Engineering #

Energy and Power Engineering #

Transportation Engineering #

Automobile Service Engineering


Logistics Engineering #

3. School of Construction Machinery

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering #

Machine Design, Manufacturing and Automation #

Mechanical Engineering #

Industrial Design

4. School of Economics and Management

Traffic and Transportation ( Transportation Management) #

Information Management and Information System

Electronic Business

Business Administration


International Economics and Trade

Logistics Managemen #

Economic Statistics

Financial Management


5. School of Electronic and Control Engineering

Automation #

Electronics Science and Technology #

Electrical Engineering and Its Automation #

Building Electrical and Intelligentization #

6. Information Engineering School

Computer Science and Technology #

Department of Electronic Information Engineering #

Communication Engineering #

Software Engineering

Internet of Things Engineering

Network Engineering

Measurement and Control Technology and Instruments #


7. School of Geological Engineering and Geomatics

Geological Engineering #

Geographical Information Science #

Geophysics #

Engineering of Surveying and Mapping #

Prospecting Technique and Engineering #

Science and Technology of Remote Sensing #

Safety Engineering #


8. School of Earth Science and Resource

Geology #

Mineral Resources Exploration Engineering #

Land Resource Management

Mineral Process Engineering

Geography Information Science

Tourist Management

9. School of Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering #

Engineering Management

Engineering Cost


10. School of Environmental Science and Engineering

Environmental Engineering #

Chemical Engineering

Building Environment and Energy Application Engineering #

Water and Wastewater Science and Technology Engineering#

Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering #

Groundwater Science and Engineering #

Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering #


11. Institute of Architecture


Urban-Rural Planning #

Environmental Design


12. School of Materials Science and Engineering

Material Forming and Control Engineering

Inorganic Non-metallic Material Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering #

Polymer Materials and Engineering

13. School of Politics and Administration

Public Administration

Ideological and Political Education

Science of Law

Public Affair Management

14. School of Literary and Communication


Broadcast and Television Directing


Literature of Drama, Film and TV

Chinese Language and Literature


15. School of Sciences

Information and Computing Science

Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

Engineering Mechanics #


16. School of Foreign Studies



17. Department of Physical Education

Guidance and Management of Social Sports



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