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Institute Prospectus for overseas students of CAU (Doctor)
I. Admissions Requirements
1. 18-65 years old, good health;
2. non-Chinese citizens with a valid passport;
3. have been awarded a recognized postgraduate Certificate or doctoral degree.
II. Application time
March 15th to July 31th  
III. Academic Programs
Please look at the “Courses and Programmes”part.
IV. Duration of study
The full-time programme lasts for four or five years. The academic year usually starts in September. There is only one intake in an academic year.
V. Application Documents
All documentation must be complete, true, and correct in either Chinese or English. The required documents are listed below:
1. Appication for Admission to Chang’an University 长安大学来华留学生入学申请表.doc
2. Highest degree certificate (notarized copy);
Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be translated into Chinese or English and notarized.
3. Undergraduate Transcripts (notarized copy);
Transcripts in other languages must be attached with a notarized translation in Chinese or English.  
4. Two recommendation letters written by professors or associate professors(Chinese or English);
5. one photocopy of HSK exam sheet or English level exam sheet;
6.  One photocopy of your valid passport. And two pictures in the same size as your passport picture;
7. a. Original Version of Proof of No Criminal Record ( issued by the local police station )
    b. Translation of Proof of No Criminal Record ( if it is no in Chinese or English)
    c. Proof of No Criminal Record notarized copy ( issued by the local Chinese Embassy ).
VI. Application Procedure
Step 1: Online Application
Complete the online application form
Step 2: Submission of documents
Submit the application documents listed above to the address indicated below by post, or in person.
VII. Enrollment and Entrance
We will enroll only those who are outstanding, according to the application materials. Admission notice, visa form(JW202),Physical Examination Form and related documents will be sent to you personally.
The academic year usually starts in September. The admitted students should check in at the noticed time. If you miss the prescribed time of enrollment, your qualification will be cancelled.
VIII. Tuition Fees and Other Expenses
1. Application fee: RMB 400. (Non Refundable).
2. Tuition Fee (Calculated by academic year in RMB)
Registration date
Term beginning date
Doctoral degree graduate course
Mar-May, Oct-Dec.
Feb, Sep
Accidental Injury and Hospitalization Insurance: RMB 800 per year.
3. Accommodation Fee
Type II single room
Type II double room
Type I single room
Type I double room

IX. Contact Information
School International Education School of Chang’an University
Nan Er Huan Zhong Duan, Xi'an, Shaanxi, 710064, People's Republic of China
Telephone: +86 82334165
Fax: +86 29 82334167
Web site: http:/
X. How to get here

Chang'an University(main campus)
Train station
Taxi,15 min, about 15 yuan
Xi'an-xianyang Airport
Take airport shuttle bus to Zhonglou Hotel, 40 min, 25 yuan.
Then take taxi, 20 min, 15 yuan.
Pick-up service
260 yuan, reservation should be made ahead of time
Fax:+86 029 8233 4167

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