Notice of Registration for Cultural Practice


Cultural Practice

Dear Students:

We’ve opened up our cultural practice for the new semester. This time we’re going south to famous town of Shiquan in Ankang city.


April 21st   

8:00am: Departure at the front door of International Education School,Benbu campus

April 22nd

Go to Zhongba grand canyon after breakfast.


RMB 200/person( a total of570RMB/person, school will pay 370 for each student, and the student pay RMB 200/person)

CSC students can take the tour freely, but need to pay 200 Yuan deposit.

The following items are included

1. Tour bus and accommodation

2. One breakfast of April 22nd

3. Tickets

4. Insurance

Event Registration

April 9th---13th    14:30---17:00

Benbu Campus: Chinese Language Training Center in the first floor of Building 2.

Registration information:

1.Submit one copy of the first page of your passport with your signature and telephone number on it.

2.Pay related fees when you register.



1. Students who cannot take part in the activity after registration without acceptable reasons will be disqualified for the following activities coming this semester.

2. Because of differences in eating habits, there will be no meal arranged at that day. Students can take some food according to your own needs.