I. General information of the University

Directly under the administration of Ministry of Education, Chang'an University is one of the State 211 Project key development universities, is a college accepting the students with Chinese government scholarship, and is also one of the earliest universities in western China recruiting the overseas students. It was merged by the former Xi'an Highway University, Xi'an Engineering Institute and Northwest Institute of Construction Engineering in April, 2000. With Chinese language as the main teaching language, Chang'an University covers many subjects such as engineering, science, economics, management, humanities, law, liberal arts and foreign languages. Highway transportation, land resources and environment, and construction engineering are its features, among which, the highway transportation course takes the leading position in the whole country. Currently Chang’an University has more than 1012 overseas students coming from 84 nations and regions. Among the graduates, two are serving as ministers; one of our alumni is the ambassador and one is embassy minister in China.
Chang'an University has a quality teaching staff and has assembled a large number of well-known experts and scholars, including two academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, guest professors of the Cheung Kong Scholars Program and the tutors of Doctor, Master degree. At present, the university has more than 40,000 undergraduate and junior college students, and more than 3,000 doctoral and master postgraduates.

Chang'an University has perfect teaching facilities and advanced research equipments. It owns 20 key subjects and laboratories of national, provincial and ministry level. Among the national colleges, it has the sole high-speed automobile testing ring road, the comprehensive testing site, the top-grade gymnasium and playground.

II. Disciplines Recruiting the Overseas Students

Focusing on engineering, Chang’an University has a balanced combination of science and engineering and corresponding development of humanities, it has complete disciplines. Covering six subjects such as the philosophy, law, science, economics, engineering and management, it owns the advantageous subjects including road and railroad engineering, geology engineering, the machine designs and theories, transportations planning and management, transportation tool application engineering etc.. At present, the university has 15 institutes and one teaching department (the athletics department), 2 mobile stations for postdoctoral research programs, 2 first-class discipline postdoctoral degree conferring posts, 22 second-class discipline postdoctoral degree conferring posts, 50 doctoral degree conferring posts and 75 undergraduate majors or specialties. All the majors can accept foreign students, at the same time, the school provides various classes of Chinese language training and advanced study courses for the overseas students with different levels. For details, please browse the school’s website: http://www.ies.chd.edu.cn/

III.     The Learning Environment and Living Facilities

Chang’an University is located in Xi’an, called Chang’an in the past, is a Chinese city with the longest capital history, 13 dynasties including Zhou, Qin, Han, Tang and so on successively founded their capital here which lasting more than 1100 years, is the origin place of the Chinese civilization. Xi’an has more than 3100 years of city history, is also one of the earliest places that the Chinese ancestors explored. The present Xi’an has become the important economic, science and technology, commerce & trade, and cultural center in the Chinese western region. It owns more than 80 domestic airlines and 13 international (regional) airlines, and nearly 1000 kilometers long city road. It locates between east longitude 107°40′~109°49′ and northern latitudes 33°39′~34°45′, with average elevation of 424 meters. The city administrates a territory of 204 kilometers long from east to west, 116 kilometers long from the south to north; it has an area of 10108 square kilometers, among which 1256 square kilometers of the urban area, with a total population of 7.03 million. Xi’an has a safe and stable social environment, and low living cost.

There are numerous colleges, scientific research and cultural units around Chang’an University, so it has a dense learning atmosphere. The university covers a land of 200 hectares, establishing five main campus areas, such as the Main Campus, Yanta Campus, Xiaozhai Campus, Weishui Campus and Taibai Campus. Each campus has beautiful environment, complete living facilities such as dining hall, supermarket, soccer playground, gymnasium, tennis court, swimming pool etc.. The overseas student apartment is equipped with telephone, air conditioning, television, washroom and the shower facilities, Internet access etc.. The accommodation fee: Double person room: RMB 30 / bed/ day; Single person room: RMB 50 / bed/ day.

IV. Qualifications for Applicant

The friendly people in all countries, healthy, above 18 years old, under 65 years old, has enough financial guarantee can apply for learning the Chinese language; the undergraduate course applicant should graduate from senior high school with excellent school marks, the applicant for Master degree must have the undergraduate course educational background and have acquired the B.A. degree, the Doctor degree applicant must have Master's educational background and have acquired the master degree, students choosing subjects with English as teaching language must have strong English language ability, the students choosing subjects with Chinese as teaching language must attain the HSK third level above.

V. Contact

Contacting address: Middle South Second Ring Rd, Xi’an, Shaanxi, P.R. China
International Education School of Chang’an University
Zip code: 710064
Tel: 0086-29-8233 4270
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Web site: http: //ies.chd.edu.cn